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Beevolution Tea Towel

Colony collapse disorder is a phenomenon in which honey bees from a hive or bee colony abruptly disappear. This issue is global, with 25-30% of colonies being lost each year in the USA and Europe. Wild bees are important pollinators for food and medicinal crops we grow and play a significant role in our economy. Honeybees for example pollinate 40% or our leading food crops. Printed using low-waste ink technology.
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High quality panama weave 100% cotton (8oz) / 41 x 58 cm / Made in Britain / Wash Cool, Hang Dry



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It is almost impossible to make an ethical choice if you don’t know where clothing comes from, how it is made and who made it. With us you can take a more in depth look at the supply chain and find out how the certified organic products we use are made, who makes them and how they get here. It is called traceability.

This video shows the journey of our certified organic products, nearly all of our range. Use the trace map below to explore this specific product. Click and drag to move map, use your mouse scroll or the white + to zoom.

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